If you are interested in working with us as a PhD or MS student, you can join the group through admission to the following programs:

  • MS in ICS
  • MS in CS
  • PhD in ICS

Learn more about a degree in Human Centered Computing in ICS at UC Irvine.

We also work closely with PhD and Masters students in Public Health, Medicine, Education, and Social Ecology.

Post-doctoral Positions

If you are interested in a position as a post-doctoral researcher, please check out these great programs through the University of California:

Guidelines for Participation

If you are an MS or Undergraduate student, before contacting us, please read all of the following information:

  • Students will need to commit to at least two quarters of work to work in our group. Three or more quarters is preferred.
  • The STAR Group does not fund students the first quarter of working with them under any circumstances.
  • Undergraduate students should expect to work on a project already in progress by our group. In rare cases, undergraduates with previous research experience will be able to craft their own projects.
  • Graduate students should be prepared to expand on current projects and/or come up with their own innovative ideas.

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