Cooking with gas sensors

November 7th, 2015  |  Published in Projects

As food cooks, it releases various smells that can be used to discern its progress; however, humans cannot always discern these subtle changes. We are investigating how gas sensors can be used to not only detect these changes, but provide meaningful information to the cook. This investigation comes in three major parts. First, we must find out how the signals from these sensors correlate with changes in the food during cooking. Second, we must understand how the knowledge of these data can be applied to cooking. Do we use data from previous cooking sessions, can we only work with exact recipes, or does this only work with certain cooking techniques? Lastly, we will explore how to best present and assist a person while they cook.
Our goal is to provide both novice and experienced cooks with extra information so they become more cognizant to these changes and learn better technique through the use of this system. Furthermore, once scent patterns are discovered, cooks will not have to physically monitor their food to know whether a certain stage has been reached.
Primary: Sen Hirano, Gillian Hayes
Undergrad RAs: Simion Padurean

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