Weiner Featured in ICS News!

June 18th, 2014  |  Published in News

Congratulations to STAR undergraduate Rachel Weiner, who was recently featured in the ICS news! The article is titled “Mentorship program makes a strong impression in its first year.”

Rachel Weiner, a computer science/informatics double major who just finished her sophomore year, was paired up with Smart as her mentor. “I like the idea of having a mentor who is in the computer science field and a woman,” Weiner says. “That shows women that it’s doable to get into computer science.”

While structural and cultural hurdles certainly exist for women in STEM fields, “We put our own barriers up,” Weiner says. “Mentally, we might think we’re not as good. Knowing that you’re good enough, and being able to believe in yourself, makes a huge difference.”

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