STAR Ubicomp 2014 Papers

May 1st, 2014  |  Published in News

STAR group members will be presenting two papers at Ubicomp this year:

Ringland, K., Zalapa, R., Neal, M., Escobedo, L., Tentori, M., and Hayes, G.R. et al SensoryPaint: A Multimodal Sensory Intervention for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. To Appear in Proc Ubicomp 2014.

Matic, A., Hayes, G.R., Tentori, M., Abdullah, M., and Schuck, S. Collective use of a Situated Display to Encourage Positive Behaviors in Children with Behavioral Challenges. To Appear in Proc Ubicomp 2014.

Congrats to the authors, and we hope to see you in Seattle!

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