RSA Panel on Social Networking and Security

March 5th, 2010  |  Published in News

Gillian had the privilege of joining Gary McGraw, Kim DeVries, Jim Routh, and Avi Ruben in a great panel at RSA.  The panel was largely about how to negotiate Acceptable Use Policies and technical infrastructure for security given the mounting pressure for people in the workplace–especially those who are on the younger side of things–to make use of these tools, as part of their work and as part of multi-tasking.  Gillian also talked a bit about the challenges of and opportunities for educating people about these issues, especially when they are really young.  Meg’s great work on both Acceptable Use Policies in schools and teaching kids about identity, security, and privacy is highly related to these issues as well.

This panel has generated some online chatter:

The Computer World article did a great job of describing some of the generation gap issues in the workplace today and how these manifest in policies around technology and security.  They also translated it into Portuguese (at least we think they did, we can’t read that article.  InfoSecurity also provided some interesting commentary on the panel.  Finally, the CyLab blog from CMU gave probably the most detailed reporting on the event, even going so far as to describe our skits.  For those of you who weren’t there, yes, thats right, there were two skits…. thankfully, they were authored by Gary’s brother Walt McGraw, with help from Gary and Jim.  So, they turned out to be pretty funny, despite the limited acting experience of Gillian and the rest of the panel.

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