Posters to be presented at WISH 2010

February 5th, 2010  |  Published in News

The STAR group will be busy at WISH this year with five posters!  We are really looking forward to an amazing event.

Attitudes and Readiness for Adoption of an Electronic Medical Records System: A Preliminary Case Study
– Jed Brubaker, Yunan Chen, Karen Cheng, Chris Combs, Sheba George, Sidney Harrison, Gillian Hayes, Sherrie Kaplan

Heuristic Evaluation of Personal Health Records Systems
– Leslie Liu and Gillian Hayes

Sentient displays to connect people with cognitive disabilities to the digital era of social interaction
– Monica Tentori, Raymundo Cornejo, Jesus Favel

FitBaby: Using Observations of Daily Living to Improve the Health of Preterm Infants and Their Caregivers
– Gillian Hayes, Karen Cheng, Sen Hirano, Sunyoung Park, Dana Gravem, Julia Rich, Dan Cooper

Use of a Wearable Recording Device in Therapeutic Interventions for Children with Autism
– Gabriela Marcu and Gillian Hayes

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